Study Program

  1. Within two months of the commencement of their studies, students must submit a full study program, approved by their supervisor. The study program must include the topic of the thesis, courses amounting to at least 24 credits (32 credits for teaching program 717, 33 credits for study track 1777), and the one seminar from the student's teaching program (2 seminars for teaching program 717). Students may include bachelor's-level courses in their master's study program, if approved by the Study Committee. In such case the study program must include at least 18 master's-level credits (26 credits for teaching program 717). In determining the Grade Point Average, only bachelor's-level courses approved by the Study Committee will be counted as part of the master's study program, with a limit of 3 courses (up to 6 credits).
  2. Students obliged to take supplementary courses shall also include them, separately, in their study program.
  3. Banked courses may be included in the study program, if approved by the Study Committee (as specified in section 6.4 of the Teaching and Study Procedures).
  4. Students may include 3 master's-level workshops at most in their study program.
  5. The head of the teaching program shall hand in the full study program to the secretariat after final approval of the Study Committee. The students and supervisors shall receive copies as well.
  6. Any change to the study program requires approval of both supervisor and Study Committee.
  7. Registration and changes will be in accordance with section 4.3 in the bachelor's degree regulations.
  8. Courses given outside the faculty may also be included in the study program at the approval of the Study Committee, at a maximal scope of 3 courses (up to 10 credits).