Requirements and Advancement Criteria

The curriculum shall reflect a specific course of specialization and shall be determined by the teaching program. Students must comply with the following conditions to complete a master's degree in this track:

  1. Meet criteria for advancing from first-year to second-year – continuation of studies requires an average of 70 for a minimum of 8 credits (excluding supplementary courses), as well as a study program and a research plan approved by the supervisor and the head of the teaching program.
  2. Accumulate 24 credits (32 credits for teaching program 717) according to the curriculum specified for that student, including one seminar from their teaching program (2 seminars for teaching program 717).
  3. Prepare and submit a thesis, with a minimum passing grade of 60.
  4. Pass the course exams and the thesis defense, with a minimum passing grade of 60 for each.