MSc Tuition Exemption & Scholarship 2021-22

26 May, 2021

Re: Update about scholarship program for excellent master's students in the Faculty and exemption from tuition – 2021-22 academic year

As of the 2021-22 academic year (October 2021), several changes regarding the faculty's MSc thesis track students will take affect:

1.Exemption from tuition for MSc students in the experimental sciences

An exemption of 200% tuition fee will be granted to all MSc thesis track students enrolled at the Faculty of Agriculture, who dedicate their entire time to research and receive a living scholarship of at least 3,500 NIS per month for 2 years and have not refused a teaching position offered to them. The exemption will be given also for master's courses taken during the undergraduate studies and were "stored" until acceptance to the master's program. The exemption is funded by the University/Faculty's budget, except for the exemption for teaching positions which will be paid for by the academic unit's teaching budget.

To be clear – this exemption is given to all students in the research track that do not work anywhere else, with no connection to the attribution of the supervisor, including students researching at the ARO.


2.MSc scholarships for excellent students

  • The scholarships are intended for students accepted to an MSc thesis track program (or direct PhD track) that will begin their studies in the 2021-2022 fall semester.  The scholars must dedicate all their time to study and research and complete their obligations towards the degree by December 31, 2023 (within two years from the beginning of their studies).
  • Eligible applicants are undergraduate students with a GPA of 85 and above that choose to study in one of the faculty's MSc thesis track programs (not including biotechnology or nanotechnology).
  • The scholarship recipients will receive a scholarship of 6,000 NIS per month for a duration of 2 years and will be granted full exemption from tuition fees (see section 1).
  • Eligibility for the scholarship is conditional to the obligation of the thesis advisor to pay the recipient a monthly scholarship of 6,000 NIS during the 2nd year (during the 1st year the scholarship is paid by the university's/faculty's budget), without the deduction of a salary from teaching or any other student's income.

Please note: the advisor may choose to pay the entire scholarship during the first year instead of the second year. Another option is to pay half the scholarship amount, 3,000 NIS, for each month for the 2 years.

  • Eligibility for the continuance of the scholarship during the 2nd year is conditional to the advisor's approval that the student completed his/her obligations during the 1st year and that he/she is to complete his/her MSc thesis track studies by 31.12.2023, the end of the 2nd year of studies.

Important notice: The budget for the scholarships for excellent students is financed by the faculty/university, therefore only students who are conducting their research in the Rehovot campus are eligible to apply.

42 scholarship recipients will be accepted to the program in the 2021-22 academic year. The faculty's scholarship committee will select the recipients. Factors that will be considered: undergraduate studies excellence, motivation, social-economic background, the ratio of the faculty's unit size, while consideration of the research load, supervision, and instruction of the advisor.

Preference will be given to women and students from populations of low representation in the academy.

Candidates are to submit their applications online.

Submission deadline has passed

In case not all 42 scholarships will be applied for by the deadline date, the faculty will publish another call for applications.


Keren Dahari
Scholarship coordinator