Support for Students




Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders - Diagnosis and Support

The unit believes that with professional support and guidance, students with ADHD and other learning disabilities can function as independent and successful learners, and that their difficulties do not constitute a barrier to success.

The unit provides personalized support of various types: diagnosis of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, accommodations in examinations, mentoring by students, a variety of workshops for improving learning and general quality of life and vocational guidance.  Unit staff members have M.A. qualifications in learning disabilities. For additional information, contact the head of the unit of the faculty in Rehovot:

Sharon Abecassis - E-mail:     Tel: 08-9489571


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Accessibility Unit

The unit provides information and assistance regarding the rights of students with disabilities: social security rights, academic tutoring, transcripts of lessons, individual guidance, social support, employment guidance, and advice about assistive technology. Disablilities include physical, mental, sensory and health disabilities.
For additional information contact the accessibility coordinator in the faculty in Rehovot:

Marina Efron - E-mail: 



Equal Opportunities Unit

Many students are accepted to the University but may find it difficult to fully realize their academic and personal potential due to financial, personal, academic, and/or social difficulties, including the challange of combining studies with family life or other commitments. Some populations have additional challenges, such as: students from Arab society, students from the ultra-Orthodox educational system, new immigrants, students from the Ethiopian community, and residents from peripheral areas.
Such students may contact the equal opportunities unit coordinators in the faculty in Rehovot with one click:

Shunit Amnipour - supportive consultant for the general community: click here
Ghadeer Ghazawi - supportive consultant for the Arab community: click here


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Psychological Service

The psychological service for students in the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot provides psychological assistance to students in distress, whether from stress, anxiety, or depression. It can also provide help coping with school pressures and personal life events, such as difficulties in interpersonal or marital relationships. The service offers a variety of treatments, including targeted crisis treatments, or long-term or short-term dynamic treatments. Treatment is tailored to the needs of the applicant and subject to availability available at the time of referral. The initial counseling session is free.

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