Master's Studies

The Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment offers advanced studies towards master's (M.Sc.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. Students in these programs take part in progressive, innovative and groundbreaking research in many diverse areas of life sciences. The central part of the advanced studies programs, the practical research and writing of the thesis, is performed under close supervision of the faculty research staff in the various research labs. Therefore students wishing to study towards an advanced degree must pick a supervisor from the faculty staff.

In addition, students are required to take courses in accordance with their research topic, the degree towards which they study and the requirements of the teaching program to which they are registered.

The Master's program is a continuation of the undergraduate program, with an emphasis on specialization on a specific topic and gaining familiarity and expertise with the relevant research methods. The master's program requirements differ from one teaching program to another and include advanced courses, passing qualifying examinations and for the thesis track, carrying out research. A non-thesis track is also offered but it does not allow continuation to a Ph.D. The qualifying exams will evaluate students' ability to conduct independent research and their level of knowledge in the field. Master and Doctoral students are entitled to access to internet services from home (including library resources such as journals and databases). For details, contact the computer center at 08-9489283.


As of 2019, all teaching in the graduate programs will be delivered in English.


Positions and Scholarships for Master's Students

The Faculty offers students teaching positions in accordance with the needs of the faculty. Scholarships are offered to students who excel at their studies, in accordance with rules posted at the beginning of each academic year (see the Scholarships, Loans and Awards section, and the Outstanding Students section in the Teaching and Study Regulations). Applicants are advised to inquire with their teaching program about teaching assistantships and scholarships when they submit their application.



The following teaching programs teach towards a Master's degree In Agricultural Sciences or in Nutrition (M.Sc.):

713 Field and Vegetables Crops

714 Horticulture

715 Agroecology and Plant Health

716 Soil and Water Science

717 Environmental Economics and Management

721 Genetics and Breeding

723 Biochemistry, Food science and Nutrition

724 Plant Sciences in Agriculture

728 Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

735 Animal and Veterinary Sciences

890 Biotechnology (inter-faculty teaching program)


Special teaching programs:

7104 Minor in Agricultural Marketing and Economics

588 Interdisciplinary Program in Genomics and Bioinformatics

808 Specialization in Urban and Regional Planning