M.Sc. program: Agroecology & Plant Health (715)


Full information about the program in the University Course Catalog


Head of the teaching program:
Dr.  Yael Heifetz
Telephone: 08-9489218
e-mail: yael.heifetz@mail.huji.ac.il

Ms. Rakefet Kalev
Telephone: 08-9489219
e-mail: rakefetk@savion.huji.ac.il



The program places an emphasis on deepening the specialization in the areas of entomology, microbiology, phytopathology (plant diseases), nematology and virology, as well as studying and developing novel approaches to plant and environment protection. 


Study tracks: Non-Thesis (40 HUJI credits) / Thesis (24 HUJI credits)

Duration of studies: 2 years in both tracks

Language of instruction: English (as long as there is an English-speaking student enrolled in the course)

Associated faculty research departments/institutes: Entomology; Plant Pathology and Microbiology


Admission requirements:

Bachelor's degree in environment or in the various agriculture, natural sciences, engineering or economics and management programs. Students with a different background will be assigned an individual complementary studies program by the teaching program Study Committee.


Non-Thesis Track:

Admission Requirements 

Coursework and requirements 

Study Program 


Thesis Track:

Admission Requirements

Coursework and requirements

Study Program


*Securing a Supervisor: Before submitting the application, the candidate should contact a Faculty member that agrees to supervise him/her.

Listing of research opportunities 

Without a supervisor agreement, the application will not be considered 


Non-Thesis Track: Approx. $5,300 for international students per year / Approx. $4,300 for Israeli students/olim hadashim per year  

Thesis Track: Approx. $280 per year


How to apply:

Israeli students  

International Students (with a bachelor's degree from abroad)