Admission Requirements - Non Thesis Track

Admission to the non-thesis master's track requires approval from the teaching program with which the applicant registers. Applicants must have a university-level exemption from English language studies. Admission to most departments is conditioned on having found a mentoring advisor prior to registration. 

Admission requirements are as specified in sections 1 and 2 for the Thesis Track, as well as the following conditions (which do not apply for candidates applying to teaching programs 717 and 723):

  1. Candidates have practical experience of at least 4 years subsequent to the eligibility for the bachelor's degree in a relevant field (excluding teaching programs 715, 716, 724, 728, 717, 723, for which no previous practical experience is required).
  2. An admissions committee, comprised of the chairman of the Teaching Committee and the head of the teaching program, will consider each candidate based on their professional background. 
  3. Supplementary studies: the Study Committee of each teaching program may oblige students to take supplementary studies of up to 30 credits. Supplementary courses do not count towards the master's degree, and the grades are not part of the final grade.

Please note: the number of students admitted to teaching program 723 is restricted.