Non-Thesis Track

Within two months of the commencement of their studies, students must submit a full study program, approved by their supervisor. The study program must include the topic of the final project report, courses amounting to at least 40 credits (44 credits for teaching program 717), and the teaching programs in which they registered for a seminar. Students may include bachelor's-level courses in their master's study program if approved by the Study Committee. In such case the study program must include at least 32 master's-level credits (35 credits for teaching program 717 and 34 credits for study programs 722 and 712). In determining the Grade Point Average, only bachelor's-level courses approved by the Study Committee will be counted as part of the master's study program, with a limit of 3 courses and up to 8 credits (9 credits for teaching program 717, and 6 credits for teaching program 712 and 722)

For further instructions see  sections 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.