M.Sc. program: Environmental Economics & Management (717)


Full information about the program in the University Course Catalog


Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Iddo Kan
Telephone: 08-9489233
e-mail: iddo.kan@mail.huji.ac.il

Ms. Miri Arazi
Telephone: 08-9489230
e-mail: miriguy@savion.huji.ac.il


The program provides deep understanding of the interaction between economic systems and the environment, and equips students with practical tools for internalizing environmental and natural resource considerations in policy and managerial decision-makings.


Study tracks: Non-Thesis (44 HUJI credits) / Thesis (32 HUJI credits) / Marketing Thesis (32 HUJI credits)

Duration of studies: over 2 years in both tracks

Language of instruction: English (as long as there is an English-speaking student enrolled in the course)

Associated faculty research department: Environmental Economics and Management


Admission requirements:

Undergraduate degree from a recognized university as follows:

a. Economics degree (including Environmental Economics) – direct admission.

b. Accounting or Business Administration degrees – direct admission if the candidate has completed the following pre-requisites (some of the courses are offered online and some can be taken in Hebrew as supplementary courses in the Hebrew University):


Course number Course name Syllabus HUJI Credits Online  equivalent
71708 Introduction to Econometrics https://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71708/2/ 5 https://www.coursera.org/learn/erasmus-econometrics 
71732 Consumer Theory https://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71732/2/ 4 https://learn.saylor.org/course/view.php?id=35
71737 Firm Theory https://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71737/2/ 4
71742 Welfare Theory http://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71742/2/ 4
71746 Macroeconomics http://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71746/2/ 4 https://learn.saylor.org/course/ECON202
71747 Linear Algebra A http://shnaton.huji.ac.il/index.php/NewSyl/71747/2/ 3 https://www.coursera.org/learn/linear-algebra-machine-learning

Non-Thesis Track:

Admission Requirements 

Coursework and requirements 

Study Program 


Thesis Track:

Admission Requirements

Coursework and requirements

Study Program

*Securing a Supervisor in advance is not required. However, within 10 months from the beginning of the studies, the student should find a supervisor and submit a research plan, otherwise he/she can continue the program in the Non-Thesis Tack. 


Non-Thesis/Thesis Tracks: Approx. $5,300 for international students per year / Approx. $4,300 for Israeli students/olim hadashim per year  

Based on the department's needs, students may have a teaching assistant position, which provides income and exemption from tuition based on the extent of the position (100% position = 22 hours a week, 82% position provides 100% tuition exemption).


How to apply:

Israeli students  

International Students (with a bachelor's degree from abroad)